Buying Things

Resources in this section will assist youth to:

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Q Are there sources of help for consumers and tips about being a smart shopper/buyer?
Q What help is available if I want to buy a car?
Q What help is available if I want to buy a house?
Q What about "e-commerce" and buying things over the Internet?
Q Are there tips for effective complaining if a purchase doesn't work out?
Q Are there any programs or sources of help for youth hoping to travel?
Q What about all this talk of others getting information about me that I don't want them to have?
Q What if I think I have a gambling problem? What are these "pyramid" schemes that promise so much?
Q What kind of costs can be involved in getting married?
Q What do collection agencies do, and what can they do?
Q What are some of the key things to know about signing contracts?
Q Are door-to-door sales something to be concerned about?
Q What about all the telemarketing that's going on today?
Q What are the costs when there is a death in the family?
Q Does advertising really work? How do companies try to get me to buy their products?