Budgeting and Planning

Resources in this section will assist youth to:

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Q What is a budget; what's in a budget; and how can a budget help me take control over my money?
Q What is a financial plan; how does it link with or differ from a budget; and why should I plan?
Q What are some possible "goals" that I might set for myself, and are there tips for setting goals for my financial plan?
Q What about the money issues and questions I'll face when I first set out on my own? Are there tips for those heading off to college/university - information on how much things cost, how to estimate how much one can afford, and maybe a sample budget?
Q What do financial planners do? When might I need one? Where do I find one? And how do I pick one?
Q What kinds of records should I keep and what kinds of documents should I hold on to in order to make sure that my financial records are in order - and that I can find things I might need?
Q What does "net worth" mean, how is it calculated, and why would I want to calculate mine?
Q How can I estimate and plan for the costs of education? Are there different ways to finance my education?