Money and Youth focuses upon the "micro" or more personal aspects of money and financial decisions. You may be interested in the bigger picture — the role of money in the economy, the history of money, and the structure of our financial system. If so, the following are provided for use as complementary resource material.

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The Canadian Economy: The Big Picture

This 26-page booklet features a model of the economy that is a real departure from the traditional circular flow diagram. It reveals how the Canadian economic system works, how its components fit together, and how Canada is linked to the rest of the world.

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Money: Its Functions and Characteristics
  • The Economy: Its Role
  • Specialization, Trade, and the Barter System
  • The Role of Money
  • The Characteristics of Money
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Money: A Historical Look
  • Types of Money: Commodity, Specie, Fiat
  • Money and World Trade, Power, and Technology
  • The Evolution of Money in Canada
  • The Evolution of Banking in Canada
  • Centralizing and Organizing Money in Canada
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Canada's Financial System
  • The Financial System: Support for a Modern Economy
  • The Evolution of Banking and Fractional Reserves
  • The Intermediary Role of Institutions
  • Deposits: Their Liquidity and Their Return
  • The Business of Banking
  • Regulation of the Financial System